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Brewing a Culture of Safety Together

Just like a great cup of coffee can boost the start to your day, it’s important to have an awesome safety training system to set the tone for a safe and healthy workplace. As a local, Michigan company, we wanted to introduce ourselves.

Enjoy a cup of coffee on us and see how each blend reflects our commitment to your workplace safety:

Coffee Beans
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Train Your Employees

Big Wave Blend coffee is all about balance, much like your training system needs. eSafety Training is our cornerstone offering, giving your company a login to our Learning Management System (LMS), where you have access to all system features along side our unlimited course library. This means you can schedule, train, and report on employee training with ease.

Coffee grounds being scooped
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Manage 3rd Party Contractors

Schuil Supreme coffee is an intricate blend, managing multiple components, just as our Contractor Management system helps you to manage multiple contractors and their companies. eSafety Contractor provides a seamless way to create, request, and track documents, as well as site-specific training materials, so third-party contractors are safe and ready to work at your site.

Coffee and a laptop
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Our Content on Your LMS

Fogchaser coffee blend is created for people who know what they are looking for to get the day started right! In coffee, that is a strong, flavorful, morning pick-me-up. For training, that would be our eSafety Content solution! Our training library is SCORM 1.2 conformant, making it possible for you to bring eSafety courses to your Learning Management System.

Get in Touch

Ready to blend the perfect safety culture for your workplace? As a local Michigan company, we are excited to be part of the solution! Discover how our training solutions can invigorate your safety practices as much as these coffees invigorate your mornings. Let’s talk.