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With today’s technology, companies are finding ways to connect multiple tools or combine them under a single Learning Management System (LMS). Safety training content is another component incorporated into this merging of items. Safety training is crucial in maintaining a healthy and thriving workplace, and high-quality training should be a priority when purchasing content. 

If your company already has an LMS, you’re on the right track. However, confirming it contains all the necessary course content needed for your organization is important. It’s hard for any single system to be an expert in all subjects, especially in workplace safety. This is where purchasing additional safety training content becomes essential. 

Before diving into the world of third-party LMS content, it’s important to understand what to look for and what questions to ask. This blog will guide you through the key considerations and essential inquiries to make when expanding your training library.


Understanding Your Content Needs and LMS Compatibility 

It’s important to first, assess the LMS you currently have. Not all systems are created equal. That means it will be important for you to ensure your platform supports your training needs, as well as integrates seamlessly with external safety content. Ask yourself the following questions as you consider your content needs and LMS compatibility:

  1. What system are you using? Identify the LMS you are using and its capabilities for both connecting with external content as well as the features and reporting options available within the system to manage training.
  2. What file format is accepted for external content? You will need to make sure that your current system can handle the file type necessary for the safety training content you purchase. Confirm what kind of files and formats it will accept.
  3. What is the cost? Consider the number of employees who will need to access the training content, as this may be a cost factor.


Filling the Gaps in Your Training Library

No one expects you to be an expert in every aspect of workplace safety. This is where specialized content providers, like eSafety, can come in. We offer expertly crafted courses on federal OSHA, and general awareness level safety training that can complete your current training library, ensuring safety topics are provided to your employees in a way that is engaging, concise, and relevant. Whether you’re looking for training related to handling hazardous materials, office ergonomic principles, or emergency response procedures, a well-rounded selection of content will keep your workforce knowledgeable and committed to working safely.


5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Safety Content


Compatibility & Integration
Ensuring your safety training content will be compatible with your LMS is crucial. The most widely used conformance standard for LMS integration is SCORM 1.2, which allows content to be easily uploaded, tracked, and managed within your system.

Expertise & Relevance
When purchasing content, it’s important to choose vendors that are both qualified and credible. Taking full advantage of working with experts in different areas can help you meet your training needs. Working with external content providers also provides you the opportunity to select from a larger variety of training content, ensuring your employees receive the training they need based on the hazards they are exposed to. This all works towards your goal of reducing risks and improving overall workplace safety.

Consistently Updated
Workplace safety regulations and best practices are constantly evolving, making it crucial to keep training materials up-to-date to ensure compliance. A subscription-based service like eSafety Content offers automatic updates whenever the content is revised. This ensures that your training remains current with the latest standards. Additionally, eSafety Content notifies Admins via email of any updates, allowing them to review changes and determine if re-training is necessary. This continuous updating process helps maintain compliance and keeps your workforce informed and safe.

Custom Course Settings
Flexibility in course settings can significantly enhance the training experience. Typically, external course content includes little opportunity to customize any features included with the course. Look for providers that allow customization of course settings, such as the number of questions asked and acceptable test scores. Features, like the ability to turn the fast-forward option on or off, can also help tailor the training to meet your organization’s specific needs. Customizable settings ensure that the training is aligned with your company’s standards and learning objectives, providing a more personalized and effective training experience.

Customer Support
Finally, be aware of the level of support provided. Choosing a content provider that gives you a designated contact person who is available to answer questions or assist in troubleshooting your LMS integration can make all the difference. Having access to expert support if problems arise minimizes disruptions to your training.


Why eSafety Content is the Best Option

eSafety Content is an optimal choice when purchasing safety training content for your LMS, offering a comprehensive solution for the diverse needs of modern businesses. By providing engaging training with knowledge-based testing, subscription-based pricing, regularly updated content, and compatibility with SCORM 1.2 standards, organizations will have the tools they need to deliver effective and compliant safety training for their employees.


The Final Takeaway

Ensuring that employees receive effective safety training is crucial for companies to comply with regulations, minimize risks, and foster a safe work environment. If you have an LMS and are ready to incorporate external content, it’s important to know your system’s capabilities, what content you need, and the content partners that best fit your needs. Leveraging technology and choosing the training partners you want to work with, like eSafety, allows you to find the best fit to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of your organization. 

Partnering with eSafety Content provides a positive learning experience for employees while delivering an easy and effective training solution for organizations with an internal LMS. By providing a turnkey solution, eSafety is a great option for your safety content needs.