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Hazardous waste can be generated and stored in a wide variety of containers on your company’s property. Because of this, the EPA has developed general requirements for labeling and storage. Again, many states have developed specific requirements that you may need to be aware of. In general, label each container with the words “HAZARDOUS WASTE” and the accumulation start date, the date on which waste was first put into the container.
Use a container made of, or lined with, a material that is compatible with the hazardous waste to be stored. This helps prevent the waste from reacting with or corroding the container. Keep in mind that you must not mix incompatible wastes or materials. Your waste storage areas must have unobstructed aisle space to provide access to each container.

Inspect areas where containers are stored at least weekly. Maintain the containers in good condition. Look for leaks and deterioration caused by corrosion or other factors. If a container leaks, put the hazardous waste in another container or contain it in some other way that complies with EPA regulations.


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