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Unlike other training platforms, eSafety provides a customizable experience. Our learning management system is more than a training course library, it’s a way to track and store training-related material for your organization. To that end, our LMS platform gives you the power to use your own training materials within the system and still have access to all of the management capabilities.

Just like eSafety-authored courses, custom courses test users on important aspects of the course material. And just like eSafety courses, you can create your own test question to verify understanding. Once a course has been created, you can take advantage of the other useful features of the LMS including scheduling options, training settings, and custom reporting.

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Why is Our LMS Designed for Custom Courses?


Keep What You Have

Custom courses give you the ability to incorporate existing training material into the eSafety LMS platform quickly and easily. If your organization already has valuable, informative training materials created, you don’t have to give them up or work outside of the system. Instead, use that content to create a custom course and keep all of your training resources in one place.


Add to What You Have

We don’t know where your building’s emergency exits are, but your employees need to know. Add those details as a custom document to be viewed after watching our courseYou can also create additional test questions to support you site-specific needs. This gives you the ablity to train on site-specific information all in one course

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