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Every year over 14,000* people will be injured as a result of falls from ladders. This includes your average step-stools, as well as A-frame and extension ladders. Some of these injuries are life-threatening.

Most home or leisure ladders are not checked or disposed of when they become unsafe. Here are a few pointers for you to use when inspecting your ladder. If any of the following items are noted, it is time to replace your ladder:

  • Visually inspect your ladder, make sure it looks stable.
  • Check the bottom of your ladder or “foot-pads.” They should not be damaged or missing pieces.
  • Open the ladder and check each step or “rung.” Look for loose, broken or damaged parts.
  • Check all the brackets to make sure they are secure.
  • If your ladder has a rope, it should not be tangled, frayed or broken.

If you notice any of these things remember: DO NOT REPAIR. REPLACE YOUR LADDER.

TIP: When purchasing a new ladder, consider a fiberglass material. Fiberglass ladders can be used around electricity, are good for outdoor use, and are very durable!

*HASS &LASS Home Leisure Accident Surveillance Systems