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Welcome to this important safety orientation titled Commitment to Safety brought to you by Safety Matters, Incorporated. This course has been developed to explain how safety can be incorporated into your duties in the workplace each and every day. This takes a true commitment by giving the time and effort needed to ensure your safety on the job as well as that of your fellow workers.

This may include following all safe procedures, wearing the correct protective equipment, and being involved in your company’s safety program on a consistent basis. Every employee should be committed to working safely and proactively participating in the development and implementation of a safe culture within your organization.
The primary objective of this training course is to present the necessary areas of emphasis for safety to become a true commitment in your everyday activities. We will present the top ten safety commitments for you to follow that will lead you and your company on the path to a safer workplace.
What is a safe workplace? It is one where all employees are a part of the process in continually reducing the risks associated with the work that is performed in your facility.  The goal of zero injuries or illnesses is a real one.
To begin we must know what commitment to safety really means. The word commitment is defined as “to pledge or promise”. This pledge or promise related to safety is not only a commitment to yourself but to all your co-workers as well. Your commitment means you will seek to perform your work in a safe manner that will be an example for all others to follow at all times.

That’s is quite a pledge! Also, the ending to that statement, “at all times” puts everyone on notice that there is no letting up in your commitment. Make sure your facility is committed to fostering a safety focused culture with our commitment to safety course.


Get more information about the Commitment to Safety course here.