What is a learning management system?

A learning management system, commonly known as LMS, is a system used to administer, manage, document, track and report on learning and training materials. Our LMS allows companies to select training, set schedules, upload custom documents, and retrieve test data using a wide variety of reporting functions. All of this is done online so that you have access to your records and employees have access to their training from anywhere.

Can I customize the training for my company's needs?

Absolutely! We provide flexibility to change not only the colors and messages that your employees see when they login but also the ability upload company specific documents or vidoes based on your needs. Your documents can be uploaded to customized courses or to the end of our training courses. This allows you to add your site specific training materials to our general awareness courses.

Are the courses OSHA compliant?

Yes, each training course follows the Federal standard for general industry, general awareness level training required for the classroom portion of the applicable regulation. However, this can go beyond OSHA and may require compliance with additional governing agencies such as the EPA, JCAHO, DOT, etc. Please keep in mind that several standards have specific practical or hands-on training requirements that would need to be supplemental to Training courses should be selected based on the hazards present in the workplace and as part of your overall Safety Program.

How often are training courses released and updated?

First off, we know that your employee’s don’t want to watch the same training year after year. We work hard to keep our courses in a continuous redesign schedule for this exact reason. We also update courses with the necessary changes when regulations and best practices change. Again, we take care of all of this so that you don’t have to.

How long does each training course last?

Our training courses are typically 25 minutes long. We know your employees’ time is valuable so if the course is going to run longer than 30 minutes, we try to split it into two parts.

How long before my training site is ready to use?

Once you decide that eSafety is the training solution for you, we will send out our Information Request. Once we receive this back there is a typical turn-around time of 2-3 business days. During this time we will build your training site and work with you on getting your training setup the way that you would like it. We will then turn it over, completely ready to use. We are happy to provide all Administrators with a walk-through demonstration of the features and capabilities available within the site.

How easy is it for an administrator to learn and use your LMS?

We know that you have a job to do, so we keep eSafety simple to navigate. We are constantly reminded by our clients how simple our LMS is to administer, making ease-of-use continually one of our top goals for our LMS. If you do run into questions when you are using eSafety, we have created an online help section which details the site functions and features though videos and FAQ. We take pride in our personalized customer support! Your rep is available by phone or email to assist with any additional questions.

How do I know which training my employees need to take?

The training that each employee is required to take is determined as part of your Safety Program at your company. We have put together a quick guide for implementing a new Safety Program, you can access it in Helpful Content.

Can I conduct group training and still use your LMS?

Yes, our system is setup so that your Administrator can conduct group training sessions and have documentation and testing capabilities with little additional effort. You can also utilize our LMS to track training that may have been conducted on-site and need to be included in reports.

Is any software required?

All you need is a current Internet browser. Our courses utilize Adobe Flash Player. If your browser is missing this add-on, you can click on the above link to download it for free. Flash-enabled mobile browsers will also support our training courses.

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