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Customize Training

For Your Site-Specific Learning

customize courses

Enhanced Courses give you the ability to add custom content directly into the course, allowing you to customize training to fit your company needs!

Look for the leaf on our Course List to see which courses have an enhanced version available for customization.

A Fresh New Take on Customizing Training!

We have now released a major renovation to our courses! Over the past two years we have re-imagined what training through eSafety could be, from the look and learning experience for the user, to the flexibility and control for the Admins running their company training. During that time, we brainstormed, built, tested, and finally released Enhanced Versions of our courses. Not only will all enhanced Courses be in a new, fresh format to keep users engaged with the content, but it will also give our Admins the power to add site-specific material within an eSafety course. You can now have eSafety’s general awareness level training and your company’s site-specific material in one course to be viewed, tested, and reported on together! The best part? This is all included in your annual subscription. No extra fee!

A reference for those on the go

Course Creator Tool

Unlike other training platforms, eSafety provides a truly customizable experience. In addition to customizing our eSafety Courses, you can now build your own courses with our Creator Tool. Our learning management system is more than a training course library, it’s a way to track and store training-related material for your organization. To that end, our LMS platform now gives you the power to use your own training materials within the system and still have access to all of the management capabilities. Just like eSafety authored courses, custom courses test users on important aspects of the course material. And just like eSafety courses, you can create your own set of test questions to verify understanding. Once a course has been created, you can take advantage of the other useful features of the LMS including scheduling options, training settings, and custom reporting.

Introducing the
eSafety Course Builder!

Use the eSafety Course Builder to create a training course from the ground up! Applying our chapter templates and pre-designed format, your material will always look clean, crisp, and mobile-friendly delivering a great educational experience for your employees. Creating your training within our site gives you full advantage to use the features and course functions within eSafety for your site-specific material and training needs.

  1. Choose a template
  2. Add your text, photos, and video
  3. Save and repeat!

Create full Courses within the eSafety LMS to be trained and tested on with full reporting abilities!


3 Ways To Build Your Own Course

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1. Course Builder

Create a full course within the eSafety system using text, images, video links, and audio recordings. With full settings and reporting capabilities, this is the best way to add custom content! 

upload a file

2. Upload a File

Upload a document, PowerPoint show, or image file that you own to be added to your eSafety training library, so all training materials are in one place to be viewed and reported on together.

Link to a Video

3. Link to a Video

Link to YouTube or Vimeo for the ability to train on your video materials just as you would for any eSafety course or Uploaded Document.

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