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Train and Track your Contractors Online

Manage Documents and Training Effectively

Finally! An easy way to manage your contractors!


Request and Track Documents

The eSafety Contractor software allows you to create, track, and even request documents. Whether you need proof of certification or a confirmation of employee training, you can create the proper document, send it to your contractor, and notify them of your request, all within the eSafety Contractor system. Once your request has been sent, the contractor admin can complete and finalize your documents, and send them back to you quickly and easily. In-software document retrieval, creation, and tracking makes eSafety Contractor a simple, effective online tool that streamlines communication with your contractors, moving business operations along swiftly.

Upload Site Specific Material for Training

eSafety Contractor allows for customization of your own training materials and documents, so it’s always easy to meet your organization’s unique training requirements. Host admins can upload site-specific training materials, write test questions, and schedule training on custom courses.  A flexible, customizable program, eSafety Contractor is easily modified to fit your company’s site-specific requirements.

Run Reports and Receive Summary Emails

Easily run and generate custom reports quickly. See in seconds which of your training requirements have been fulfilled, and which documents and training materials are outstanding. Use the software’s summary email function to see test data as contractors complete and submit materials. With eSafety Contractor, reports are simple to run, and provide you with comprehensive information whenever you need it.

Add Multiple Admins to Manage the System

Multiple admin accessibility makes it easy to coordinate with your in-house team and with contractors. System management is simple when each responsible party has their own secure access to the software, and can request and submit documents as necessary. Multiple admin access also ensures your contractor team has all of the information they need, and can quickly complete requests as you send them.

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