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eSafety System Updates

Welcome to the place for news and updates about the eSafety system. Take a look at the newest features available to you with the V4 upgrade, coming summer of 2024!

V4 system upgrade

New and Updated Features

Sneak Peak Video: New Look & Admin Dashboard

Your eSafety site is getting a new look and feel! This video takes a closer look at the enhanced user experience, dedicated Admin Dashboard, and what to expect when you first log in.

eSafety Contractor software

Better User Experience & Dedicated Dashboards

A fresh new look is only the beginning! Beyond a visual upgrade to the end user experience, V4 will bring you a dedicated Admin Dashboard and user-friendly features, including a snapshot of your completion status, user statistics, and quick links to get you where you need to go faster. Both Admins and Learners will see the difference!

Sneak Peak Video: Levels Area (coming soon!)

The eSafety system is built to mirror your organization’s structure. In this video, see a whole new way to visualize your company structure with a 30,000 ft. view of the number and placement of Levels, Admins and Users in your account.

eSafety Contractor software
eSafety Contractor software

Sneak Peak Video: Content Area (coming soon!)

Ready for more options when it comes to scheduling and reporting on training needs? This video takes a look at the expanded Courses Area, now called Content, giving you room to grow your training library and incorporate all your training materials in one, easy to use system.

Expiration Tracking

We know compliance includes more than just the training course. With Expiration Tracking, you now have a way to assign, track, and report on Licenses and Certifications within the system, alongside classroom learning.

eSafety Contractor software
eSafety Contractor software

Toolbox Talks (TBT)

Per overwhelming request, the eSafety LMS will now include a package of Toolbox Talks, previously accessible only through YouTube. Schedule and report on these short clips (3–5 min.) taken from our courses to use as refreshers, meeting starters, or specific reminders for your workforce. New to Toolbox Talks? Check us out here!

Sneak Peek Video: Schedules Area (coming soon!)

This video will walk you through the new Schedules Area, where you can create and manage all your training schedules in one place!

eSafety Contractor software
eSafety Contractor software

Centralized Scheduling Area & Additional Features

Scheduling training has become even easier! Instead of going to a specific area; such as Levels, Users, or Courses to schedule based on training needs, you can now manage all schedules from one, centralized area! Take your training one step further by implementing new features like content bundles and user tagging, which will also be available in your scheduling options.

Meet Course Bundles

Select a group of training to be scheduled, tracked, and reported on together! This is an amazing new way to assign multiple training requirements for forklift drivers, first responders, new hires, or so many other packages with one click! Bring classroom training, site-specific training, hands-on assessment, and license or certifications together for easier administrative tracking.

eSafety Contractor software
eSafety Contractor software

Meet User Tags

Create and assign custom tags for a flexible new way to search, schedule, and report on users with specific job roles or specialties. This feature works seamlessly with course bundles, and gives you the ability to schedule and report on training needs outside of your department structure.

Sneak Peak Video: Reports Area (coming soon!)

In this video we take you on a tour through the streamlined reports area! Reports are easier to create, faster to run, and available to download in a csv spreadsheet! With additional visibility, all Admins at your level will have access to the same information, promoting team communication and collaboration.

eSafety Contractor software
eSafety Contractor software

Streamlined and Straightforward Reporting

Build a report from our standard templates, save them as favorites to use again, and schedule as auto reports to have information sent to your email automatically. These are all the reporting features you’ve had available, but in a streamlined and straightforward way, giving you the ability to create one report and manage it for multiple departments or locations. The best part? All reports are now available in CSV format to download as a spreadsheet!

Your Safety Training Problems Solved

Track More Content Types

Schedule and report on all your eSafety Courses, Site-Specific Content, Toolbox Talks, and Expiration Tracking Items in one place! Add custom content by using our Course Builder, Upload feature, or SCORM option.

Additional Scheduling Features

We’ve created a single area to manage all training schedules, company-wide! Implement new features like user tagging and content bundles for added flexibility, brining you more ways to manage your training needs.

Streamlined and Team-based Reports

Have visibility to all report favorites for your site, based on Admin permissions, making information and internal communication more transparent and accessible. Our report features, such as templates, favorites, and the ability to send auto reports, have been streamlined with the option to download as a .CSV spreadsheet!

Enhanced User Experience

Enjoy our new, dedicated User and Admin dashboards, bringing you more onscreen visuals and an overall better online experience for both learner and Admin alike! Our Promise: Easy to use, easy to administer.


How do I take advantage of new features?

The new features are automatically available to you, however, you can decide if and when to implement them. Get ready, you’re going to love them!

Is there an additional charge for V4?

No! System upgrades and new features are included in your active subscription. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and strive to provide you with the best training solutions!

Will this update impact any of my current settings?

All user profiles and training records will be intact and secure throughout the process of updating to V4. In addition, all of your current schedules and saved reports will remain active and available to all users.

Will there be any downtime?

Yes, there will be downtime. A full system upgrade requires the site to be down while we make changes. This will be scheduled over a weekend and communicated to you as early as possible. Please keep an eye on your inbox for more updates as we get closer to release.