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All dealings with customers and suppliers must be on terms that are both lawful and in accordance with the highest ethical standards. Among other things, this means no employee should ever be in a position of having an actual or perceived conflict of interest. It is important that each decision, and any related action, be based on the needs of the organization not on personal interests or relationships. You should enable customers to make informed and objective decisions by providing them with only accurate information about the organization and its products or services. Give customers only impartial and objective information about competitors and their products. Make price, quality, service, and other commercial factors the only basis for deciding to purchase any goods or services from any supplier. Make sure customers and suppliers are aware of your organization’s policies and avoid doing business with anyone not willing to respect them. You should be very cautious with any direct or indirect financial interest, such as through a friend or family member, with any competitor, customer, or supplier.


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