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Minimize fatigue by accepting the responsibility to properly use and care for your body. If you keep your lower back, arms, or neck in one position for long periods of time, frequently stretch out of that position. If you repeat the same motion continually, stop frequently for just a few seconds to relax the working muscles to increase blood flow to them. If you lift, pull, push, or carry objects, be sure to do so with your back in the proper neutral posture and flex your back periodically with a back bend, placing your hands on your hips. Use your break time to stretch out your back, your neck, and even your hamstrings. If you work standing, sit down during your break. If you work sitting, walk around and stretch out your legs while on break. When you get home, give yourself time to unwind. Relax, both physically and mentally. Also, get good nutrition to properly fuel your body and be sure to get a good night’s sleep to be prepared for the next day’s work. It is just as important to reduce the rate of damage as it is to increase the rate of repair by making sure you have proper nutrition, rest, and circulation. You have to live with your body whether it is in pain or feels good, whether it is physically exhausted or it is alert. You are the only one who can take care of yourself. Take the responsibility, you’re worth it.


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