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Passageways, storerooms, service rooms, and any other area must be kept clean, orderly, and in a sanitary condition. It is important to keep walking-working surfaces maintained free of hazards such as loose boards, corrosion, leaks, spills, snow, ice, and sharp or protruding objects. The need to keep the area sanitary means good housekeeping practices are a must! Promptly clean workplace spills and waste materials. Empty each container on a regular basis. Always store materials far enough away from aisles, passageways, loading docks, turns, and doorways to leave safe clearances for all activities required in your facility. There should be no obstruction across or in aisles at any time. Temporarily placing materials in an aisle can result in a costly accident. Assess how much room is needed in walkways and working spaces, and clearly mark permanent aisles. This is the only way to assure that they remain unobstructed at all times. Mark off designated storage areas for the materials you use and keep each in their place. Employees should be trained in the meaning of the floor markings and be required to keep all aisles clear of obstructions. Adequate lights should be provided for all areas. Recent statistics indicated that there were 153,140 injuries from a fall on the same level and 38,700 injuries with a slip or trip without involving a fall. If everyone does their part to maintain a safe work area, injuries of this nature can be avoided.


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